Income Disclosure Statement

Moms to Moms, Inc. owns multiple trademarks, DBA's and branded offerings, such as: Mini Mini Brothers LLC.,,, 21 HORAS DE EDUCACIÓN, Plan Elemental, Plan Intermedia, Plan Secundaria,,,, Corujo Financial & Internet Marketing Strategies, Financial & Internet Marketing Strategies,, Lissette C Ramsey, Como generar Ingresos por Internet.


Moms to Moms, Inc. main service is education. We are dedicated to teach people and/or businesses how to create and/or do marketing for their businesses. We educate through videos, webinars and Live Events.


We have also built an affiliate programs just for the sole purpose for them to learn, after they take the courses, how to do marketing online and not for them to make a lot of money, where Moms to Moms, Inc. attendees can earn commissions from the sales of our products, services. Moms to Moms, Inc. pays commissions in accordance with the only commission they earn from us, which is $45.00 out of the "Plan Elemental" which is the 21 hours of educational program. You can also benefit by sponsoring other participants or business who can do the same. Although the opportunity is unlimited, individual results will vary depending on the commitment levels and sales and marketing skills of each participant. 


Results vary widely, and depend entirely on the individual doing the promoting. A strong work ethic and focusing on sales producing activities (eg. placing ads online for the various commissionable products, services and live events) are essential.

Moms to Moms, Inc. has no knowledge of your individual business experience or expertise. Moms to Moms, Inc. does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our business training products, trainings and services. Moms to Moms, Inc. does not guarantee, claim or promise that you will be rich or a millionaire.

Affiliate marketing is just like any business. It takes hard work to make substantial income. Affiliate marketing is no different.