This page is a hub for all Moms to Moms Inc. compliance documents, policies and procedures, as well as an easy place to look for resources for you to maintain your own marketing in a compliant and ethical manner.

Moms to Moms Inc. is committed to not only maintaining its business in a legal and ethical fashion, but to also teach its customers and affiliates how to operate their businesses in the same way.

Please review the individual Moms to Moms Inc. income and compliance documents to understand what is required to be an affiliate.

For Affiliates

    Income Disclosure Statement

    Moms to Moms Inc. Consultant Agreement

    Terms and Conditions

    Moms to Moms Inc. Business and Compensation Overview

    Non-Solicitation Policy

Marketing Disclosure Requirements– When you are utilizing Moms to Moms Inc. disclaimers you must use the correct disclaimer for your marketing medium. For example, type ads must have the print disclaimers, audio recordings must have the correct sound bite included, and videos must have one of the video disclaimers. You are welcome to use the examples we are providing here or copy them verbatim and make your own.

    Income Disclosure Policy

        Print Disclaimers

        Audio Disclaimers

        Video Disclaimers

FTC Guidelines

The FTC Guidelines for .com businesses may be found here:

Online ads are treated the same as traditional advertising and the basic principles of advertising law apply:

    Advertising must be truthful and not misleading;

    Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims (“substantiation”); and

    Advertisements cannot be unfair

Keep your advertising clean and your disclosures prominent. Sanctions may imposed for non-compliance with this policy.